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conceptual grounding in “Appreciative Inquiry” principles, philosophy, related theories, Systems Approach and their professional application in practice through their roles.

Posted on: October 26, 2021


(A unit of Vruddhi Coaching and Consulting)
offers an on-line (Zoom Platform) program of

  • 15th November, 2021 (6-30 P.M to 8-30 P.M)
    Vruddhi Coaching and Consulting, Bangalore supports innovative and holistic approaches in
    education to develop people’s inner resources for facilitating effectiveness in organizations and
    social systems. We believe that organizational capabilities to change and improve are inherent within
    all. It is possible when the approach is appreciative, generative, positive (optimistic) and
    participative. This program provides a conceptual grounding in “Appreciative Inquiry” principles,
    philosophy, related theories, Systems Approach and their professional application in practice through
    their roles. On registration, soft copies of preparatory reading materials will be sent by email.


• V M Ramalingam (RAM)

Ram is an Organization Consultant, Human Process Facilitator and Coach. He is an ‘OD’ (Organization Development) Consultant and a Senior practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). He has 36 years of organizational experience and three decades of consulting experience. Ram is
qualified from NTL (USA) on ‘Appreciative Inquiry’, ‘Whole System Change’, ‘Preferred Futuring’ and ‘Management Working Conference’. Ram has also been certified in the Williamsburg special program on Appreciative Inquiry for Organization development conducted by Jane Watkins and Bernard Mohr for Tao institute and ‘AI Consulting’, USA. He is also trained in Process Consultation and Organization Culture, by Edgar Schein in Cape Cod Institute. Also trained in ‘Systems Theory’
by Margret Wheatly. A Professional Member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS), he is facilitator of Human Process Laboratories, formerly National secretary and Dean- Professional development of ISABS. As a governing member of Bion Institute has been on the staff
of GRCs and has been Director of GRCs in India. He has international training experience in the field of Human Development and Organization Behaviour. Ram is a certified coach, NLP Master
Practitioner certified by American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and International Master Trainer to certify NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers with ISNLP, India.

A qualified OD consultant and HRD Process Facilitator, he is also certified on “Assessment Centre”. He is a member of International OD Association (IODA), A.K.Rice Institute, USA, Life-Member NHRD Network, Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD) and a founding member of the Appreciative Inquirers’ Network (TAPIN). He is also Founder President of Indian Society for NLP (ISNLP) and Eneagram Society of India (ESI).He is also a Senior Member of International Enneagram Association (IEA), USA.

• Rs.10,500/- (Fees include a detailed Reference and Work Book, soft-copies of presentations).
• For repeaters Rs.3000/- only towards overheads, for intensifying their learning.
• Mode of Payment: V.M.Ramalingam, SBI, Hulimavu Branch, Bangalore-560076; Acct
No.20031652859. IFS Code: SBIN0014951. Regn inform to ramlingin@gmail.com .
V M Ramalingam, Mobile: (9845066919); Email: ramlingin@gmail.com . Visit: www.vruddhi.in

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