Kitchen :

Food is a priority : in Asha Gram

In Ashagram food is prepared with utmost care. Cleanliness is at kitchen is highly appreciated by everyone and it is a matter of joy for everyone involved. The big family look after their living in a more than possible manner. There is Gods presence felt everywhere in Asha Gram. The people involved are blessed and are proud to be part of the mission. Giving food is the largest charity for Indian ethos.

Courtyard / Open Area:

Merry make them Cool and Rejuvenated!

A beautiful and a spacious ground is the peculiarity of Ashagram. a stage is also built in this courtyard which surrounded by beautiful flower gardens. Entrance of this courtyard is set apart for an aquarium. with fishes and flowers in and out; it is beautiful place for us the ponder up on the beauty of nature and secrets of life!

Workshop :

Acuracy and Speed

Vocational trainings are mainly done in the workshop which includes various kinds of machineries. Children under the guidance of qualified teachers manufacture files, gel candles, mat, fancy ornaments etc here.

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Asha Gram For You!

You can share the dream of Asha Gram! The model that we are developing is still evolving. Your ideas and support means a lot to us. Sometimes it may be a challenge placed in front or a suggestion to see something different. Every goodness emerge from good intentions and subsequents initiatives! You are welcome to associate and work with Asha Gram!

Contact Us

You are very important for us! We always wait for your call. You may kindly WhatsApp when we miss you by mistake. There are no strangers in the world. All are friends waiting to meet.

Address: Ashagram, Waghjaiwadi, Ekembe, Koregaon, Satara- 415501
Mobile: +91 9422038672
: +91 9049476068

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