Dairyfarm :

Life is all over in Asha Gram

Ashagram dairy farm is on the process of growth. Presently it is having 9 Cows and 6 cattle. Besides, a Emu farm, poultry farm are also being developed here. We could also develop a bio-gas with this. This was also a solution for re- storage of subsidiary gas.

Farming :

Land is fertile People and are Challenged!

Ashagram is blessed with a huge fertile land for farming. Seasonal crops are cultivated here. This farmhouse contains 75 coconut trees, sitaphal etc children are here engaged in various types of farming works. Still it is under the process of developing.

Irrigation :

Plenty of water and Rich Vegetation

Ashagram is having a well-set irrigation facility. It has bought 7cent plot in the nearby village which is adjacent to a water source and helps the irrigation facilities.

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Asha Gram For You!

You can share the dream of Asha Gram! The model that we are developing is still evolving. Your ideas and support means a lot to us. Sometimes it may be a challenge placed in front or a suggestion to see something different. Every goodness emerge from good intentions and subsequents initiatives! You are welcome to associate and work with Asha Gram!

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