C++ Challenge

Posted on: May 12, 2020

C++ Challenge Begins

First Lecture in the Series…

Dr. P. Subramanya Yadapadithaya, Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University

You can hear the talks in 7 Smaller Chunks and One Detailed Session from the pdf link below. You can share them to others as well. Hear just by clicking the numbers 1 to 8

Innovation is the way ahead

Innovation is the way ahead; Dr. P. Subramanya Yadspadithaya, Vice Chancellor, Mangalore University

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You are welcome to respond. Make an action plan about what you are going to do in C++ Challenge. Say how much you feel that you can do justice to the challenges of Character, Competence and Commitment.

You can write a note. Send a Video on what you have done or wanted to do.

Be natural and positive and it will make you successful in life. There is a large support set up of Mentors and Guides to help you manage the transformation process.

We are all connected with one another. Call to +91 98441 82044 or WhatsApp +91 87628 9418 to get connected and supported with one another.

Read News Karnataka Report about C++ Challenge.


Character, Competence and Commitment are very important. Colleges, Companies and Companies joining hands can do wonders. Read through the details and take action at once.


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