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Posted on: March 25, 2023

The state of Kerala is in a reconstruction process knowingly or unknowingly. Today or tomorrow, the state has to come to senses to handle the economic crisis that the people are postponing to face. Global TV is making an advance round up about mobilisation of resources for an economic revamp of the state of Kerala. We are making an open analysis to open up the eyes of the people to know where lies our true resources for an economic revitalization. It is always better to generate fire in our bellies before our bottom catches up with fire. We are a wonderful state that can really revitalize and revamp the whole world from its present day crisis.

We see people everywhere seeking capital for anything and everything. And there are people to fund everyone who comes up with anything fascinating and fantastic. Investors come with ulterior motives. Project proposed go in diminishing emotions. Funding after funding will end up at false projections and wrong interpretations. This continues until a new investment group takes over the company at wrong routes. Such kind of false investments are more happening in Media projects. This is because of the ulterior motives of the investors who come up with certain media plans.

We are like the cat that keeps its eyes closed while drinking milk or the bird that hide it’s head under the sand pit.

Note: Actually, ostriches bury their heads is a myth. Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand. When an ostrich senses danger and cannot run, it flops to the ground and remains still with its head and neck flat on the ground in front of it. Because the head and neck are lightly colored, they blend in with the color of the soil. From a distance, it just looks like the ostrich has buried its head in the sand.

Idea here is to tell about we human beings who behave unnatural. Not to blame the animals that are doing things on natural intelligence.

Let us come to the point and come back to the person on focus of this article.

State of Kerala is in a turning point. Either we can make use of the favourable economic situation across the globe or else we have to go into an unavoidable economic crisis.

People on pay role are not playing any significant role in the economic progress of the state. Even the beverages corporation that have priced their killer products Exorbitantly high is running in heavy loss. All because of the misappropriation that has become common everywhere. The economic state of many entities have become like the emotional state of kids who are entrusted in the custody of immoral people.

Let us now come to the point of focus. There are plenty of great personalities like Dr. Oommen Mammen in the state of Kerala who are really capable of creating a new economic transformation for the entire state and beyond.

The state is in a dormant economic state today. We just need to evoke the sleeping giants in the state and connect them with great global performers from the state of Kerala. We cannot at any point of time underestimate the potential and possibilities of the State of Kerala.

See the transformation from the Reference of Swami Vivekananda who had genuinely said Kerala is a lunatic asylum, a mad house of casteism. His criticism became a talking point all over the world. We can feel so proud about the state of Kerala when we look from that sense of comment today. We have demonstrated our sense of dignity towards human beings and humanity. There is no cast lower or higher to any other cast in Kerala Today. We can achieve any milestones in our progress when we are able to achieve this impossible target in human evolution.

What is the crisis today? How do the Intellectuals play any role in resolving the crisis and converting them into our advantages.

Crisis in Kerala today is in the choice of people at key positions. What will happen tomorrow if today a decision is taken for change of responsibilities between Cocks and Hens? Never come to cock with me, the idea is to give an understanding about the situation.

We cannot assign cocks to sit over eggs to convert them into chicks. Hen only can give the required nurturing to transform an egg to get into life. Many positions are occupied by barren people who doesn’t have the capabilities of economic reproduction. We praise the people who even cannot raise any kind of life into a system. That’s not a major issue. Problem is in their himalayan ego that everyone should perform under their level of performance. We need to go for negative performance then.

Dr. Oommen Mammen is a symbol of dignity and integrity. His breed of people are plenty inside and outside Kerala who are willing to work for the cause of Kerala.

Important point is the guarantee that the people of integrity and dignity will not lick even when their hands are placed into a jaggery pot. They may fail to claim their genuine share but they will make sure that their mission is accomplished. The kind of exposure that Professor Dr. Oommen Mammen had in his career is tremendous. He had several turn arounds in his career. He was a super performer in corporate sales before he got into academics. When he got into academics, he did it so wonderful for the benefit of students.

Dr. Oommen Mammen had the courage to go to the classes without old notes and old thoughts. He was inspiring as well as listening to his students. His students were inspired to explore the world of imagination along side with the world of education. He was learning along with his students. He had made education a learning process for the students and teachers at the same time. What the students could do on their own was never attempted by him.

He taught the students the lessons of compassion. His students could open up their minds totally in front of him. He was a trusted counsel for them. Students were provided with a safe and secured environment for study. What more they need to cherish their student days.

Dr. Oommen Mammen always had spoken from his heart and never attempted employ too much a brain in dealing with people. He remained harmless even when he knew others are taking his goodness for granted.

Advantage of the Economic Model advocated by Dr. Oommen Mammen.

Bank on the Actual Intelligence is the policy of Dr. Oommen Mammen. He doesn’t believe too much of an Artificial intelligence. It doesn’t mean that he is against technology. He welcomes technology and all it’s nuances but he is also sure that nothing can replace the human intelligence. Endurance in human adherence cannot be replaced with any amount of artificial intelligence. Human is the centre for progress and progressive thinking is the centre of any transformation process.

T2K! An Integrated Institute for Green Economics.

Thiruvananthapuram 2 Kasaragod!

Dr. Oommen Mammen is visualising a school of economics. An integrated institute which will be a residential programme to promote green economy of the country. Introducing youth to agriculture is the idea behind it. Youth can be largely attracted to the New School of Economics by Introducing modern technology into agriculture, agro processing and global marketing processes. Introduce the youth into the School of Economics at the tender age of eighteen or even before. Help them to inculcate an economic mindset from their early childhood. Schools can identify and nurture students with natural talents from the very beginning. Proposed School of Economics is in the model of the new Law Schools in India, with an added advantage of Multi Location Learning Process. Students join the course at Eighteen at any of the centres. They can keep moving from place to place on practical requirements. At the end of fifth year they earn post graduate degree in economics. By the time they would have earned enough money to set up their own agro enterprises.

State can become rich when the people in the state become rich. How to make them rich is to follow the paths of politicians. We should follow their path. They does it for themselves today. This has to be extended to the whole state in a transparent way.

Proposed School of Economics is a Multi Centre broad educational establishment. Resources for Teaching and Training is provided by the intellectual pool generated under ‘Business Monk’ that has plenty of Professionals already associated with it. Every educational institution in the state of Kerala can provide classrooms for teaching and learning processes.

An Integrated Land Bank can be created for the purpose of practice. Every vacant land can be made use to become part of the project on an year on year basis. Seasonal food crops cultivated in the Land Banks will go into Processing Units that are set up by individuals and institutions.

Professional House Keeping and Five Star Hospitality should emerge across the state to attract International Traders to often visit the state of Kerala. The state should become a hub for Outbound Training. We should convert the entire state to become a SOCIAL ECONOMIC ZONE in the Model of Special Economic Zones.

We had these things existed just before the invasion of bloody old british.

We cannot blame present British People for the nonsense of their forefathers who were largely barbarians as we see them in the history evidently. Today we are spread across the world. We are but welcomed everywhere since we are well mannered and well behaved. World has become a single place and one humanity in the process.

Plenty of Keralites are at influential positions across the world.

People who are already into International Training will market the products at the best prices possible. Great Business Magnets like M. A. Yusuf Ali Saheb will get attracted to it when it is done in a proper way. Entire world will embrace it when done in a proper way. Today, DNA of what we eat has gained that kind of an importance.

Are we ready to think is very important. There is no need to wait for permissions and sanctions. Every great movement has to start in smaller steps. School of Integrated Economics can even take advantage of the Rubber Industries in Kerala. Plenty of Rubber based small industries can be set up in the state of Kerala. Coming together is important. Who is coming together? We the people!

Everything else go well when we go well with humanity is his belief and conviction. Global TV Salutes him and we are so happy to tell the world that he is a Co Founder of Global TV with all it’s rights and authorities.

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