Happiness creation and Easy Yoga

Posted on: June 21, 2019

By NV Paulose, Founder of Global TV

Create It what you are seeking!

Happiness is everyone’s look out. People but can often get into negativity when they are not carefully concentrate and create positivity. There need to be conscious efforts for one to remain happy every time. More than conscious efforts, it is a conscious and firm decision that transforms the way your mind work. One need to be determined for being happy and positive. Whatever happens should finally end up in happiness creation. Even adversities can thus be converted into a happiness project.

Mind your mind and decide what you want. It is easy to achieve happines once you decide to be happy consciously. Here are the steps that one should understand and follow to achieve happiness.

Sensory orientation or disorientation is the key factor that decides about where you are at a given moment. Sensory orientation is an outcome that one should achieve over practice over a period of time. We should train all our five senses to get focused on what we are looking for. Create in your mind what you wanted to create actually. Mind is your design centre.

Mind knows how to create it in real once you have given it the blue print. All that you should give is the blue print. It should be given in 5 sensory parameters. Seeing, hearing, feeling are the basic three sensory parameters. Smelling and tasting are the next two sensory parameters. These are more important for a perfume expert or a food enthusiast. All these five sensory parameters need to be trained to be focused at positive frameworks all the time.

Practicing Happiness Creation!

You need to pair with another person or take help from a Practicing Therapist to get trained in happiness creation. Most simple and easy way is to keep your palm on a surface to feel the temperature while you pick up an attractive sound available around and to imagine a happy event keeping your eyes closed.

Feelings focused on the temperature variations, hearing focused on the best available sound and opening inner eyes to remember or imagine something cherishing. This will make you focused and firm. The one who are at your help should try to lift up either of your hands with two fingers in a gentle way. You will be surprised to know that the hand is stuck at the surface very much.

Be careful to remain focused on what you are hearing, feeling and seeing. You learn the method of being focused with few practice sessions with the help of another person. You can start the process of creation or modification of what you want once you are on a track of concentration.

Make your imagination vibrant and dynamic by adding up additional parameters to what you have already created and focused. Practice these processes repeatedly and regularly. The one who focus on positive imagination achive them exactly as it was imagined, created and developed within.

Support of a Therapist!

You can take support of a well wisher to help you in your way of progress. It is better to take service of a Practicing Therapist who understands the sensory experience effortlessly. There need to be a rapport developed between the two of you so that the process progress the way it should be.

A practising Therapist knows well to help you to climb the steps of imagination step by step. We can call the process at this level being Easy Yoga since it is not demanding anything more than simple focus and concentration. Mobility and Flexibility of body is totally another area of practice that one need to take up with expert yoga masters or other experts in various other fields of excellence.

Mind your Past while creating your future!

One need to understand the influence of the past while creating the future. Past need to be reframed to make sure about removal of all negativity that can cause disturbance in creation of a bright future. Even minute and little things that are disturbing need to be removed from your mind so that you are able to fill those space with what you are really looking for.

There are several methods practiced under alternate therapies to remove negativity from human mind and body. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Pranic Healing and Reikie etc. are common ways. Vipasana is another way that need more dedication. It is a ten days full time program at the first level itself.

Plenty of variations and new forms are developed and presented by many practising Therapists. You should choose the best available and reliable. What you experience is important than any kind of certificates associated with alternate therapies. It is like experiencing a tasty food item and making sure it is healthy as well.

Go step by step slow and steady at the beginning. You can enhance and speed up once you achieve certain levels of performance and effects.

Myths about alternate therapies!

There are many myths heared in association with alternate therapies particularly about hypnotherapy. Many learned people also believe that a hypnotherapist can take control of another person’s mind. This is absolutely wrong. A Hypnotherapist can help you to get connected with your deeper mind at a deeper level. No one can connect with your mind in whatever ways. Forget about taking control over your mind.

Focus is all about you get connected through your senses. How can you transmit what you see to another person? How do you make someone to hear through your ears? How can anybody feel about what you are feeling within?

Connectivity is possible at a very higher level. Like a mother get up from sleep the very moment her child is awake from sleep. This is positive and deeper.

Trust your mind and and your mind will guide you through your journey towards sucess and excellence. Anyone who is extraordinary is definitely the one who had mastered her or his mind. Master your mind and become a master mind of progress. Keep helping others too to master their minds. Collaboration and Mentorship are the ways for creation of more happiness in the world.

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