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Imagining Series Based on Appreciative Inquiry Principles I Those who got a Dream to share for Humanity Can Join this initiative from anywhere in the world I We are all essentially One People I

Posted on: May 23, 2022


The world is continuously evolving into a better place. This is true even when it doesn’t look something similar to that. Everyone is a contributor to this evolution process in one way or the other. Those who are looking very selfish are also contributing to humanity in various ways.

One limiting belief that we should collectively overcome is the tendency of people to compare their success or otherwise with the same or another side of others. Stop to compare and start to PAIR is the marvelous theme today.

Everyone is a combination of everyone else. There is no one who is in competition with anyone. Sometimes things may look in those lines. That’s when we look at things in the mentality of the frog in the well. Today everything is Global. We can connect with people across the world. Connectivity itself is progress. Today’s world has transcended the Boundaries of Time and Distance.


Imagining Series is designed to be an integral part of Action Journalism that we are practicing for more than two decades now. It is positive journalism. There is a possibility to connect people in many Circles of Excellence.

There is no hierarchy that cannot get into an Appreciative Inquiry process. Imagining Series can be initiated by experts and non-experts as well. People can join the process at various stages as well. This is a collective Collaboration in Positive and Development Journalism.


A large-scale process like this needs financial viability and feasibility. Cost-sharing is a time-tested method for making a large intervention like this. Small contribution and Large Participation is the idea here.

This is a non-commercial BUT a perfect Economic Model. Each Dreamer / Visionary / Action Leader contributes ₹ 15000/- to Global TV being a one-time contribution to take part in the Imagining Series. It is not compulsory. Those who can afford and are willing to pay can pay as and when they wish. Others can suggest others to do so.

The speed and Spread of Imagining Series depend on the revenue model and the backend support.


Educational Institutions that are joining part of the Imagining Series may kindly inspire students and teachers to initiate lofty ideas and to build a conversation on such ideas. We shall give one free advertisement per every video that is generated in this series on themes that are initiated from your campus.

Even videos generated elsewhere on the same theme will go with your advertisements. You can advertise at specific areas in this manner.

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