KALA MANDAL, THANE (Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha) Lec-dem on “The Iconography of Lord Ganesha through the krithis of Shri Mutthuswami Deekshithar” by Carnatic Vocalist Shri. Rahul K Ravindran ! Violin support : Shri. Srikanth Radhakrishnan! 19th September at 6:30pm IST

Posted on: September 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered why Lord Ganapathi has an elephant’s head?

What is being conveyed through his broken tusk?

Why did he have a pot belly?

Why a mouse as a vehicle? Why not a squirrel or rabbit or mongoose or any other animal?

Let us explore the philosophy behind these symbolism and much more through the Ganapathi krithis of Shri Mutthuswami Deekshithar!

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