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Posted on: August 9, 2020

Need of the Hour

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Knowledge Editors are the need of the hour

Missing link in the Positive Media Drive is of Knowledge Editors. We have created tremendous models by getting into the society and identifying the best among visionaries to guide the society in the way ahead towards positive journalism. There are differences of opinion in the Media Industry about reaching out to Knowledge Editors. Some are of the opinion about going ahead with the inefficient ones who are stuck in the world of illusions.

An Editors to be an Editor should have the fire in the belly to serve the nation with utmost zeal and sincerity. Knowledge Editors only can guide the youth to build the nation. Remaining in the realm of copy editors is not what is meant from an editor. Editor essentially is a leader and a path creator. There is no need of ringing the bell against anyone. No one is there to hear that. We should ring the bells where the doors are welcome.

There are plenty of men and women who are willing to devout their time for the well being of the fellow citizens. Many among them are passionate in mentoring the youth in making great achievements in life. We need great Editors to lead and inspire the youth. We need role models for the youth.

Hence it is a call for all men and women who are willing to dedicate an hour per day to the minimum for mentoring a group of twelve youngsters. You also may need to contribute a minimum of ₹500/- per month towards the expenses for online coordination and service support in the process. We can make it a memorable experience for you.

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