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Posted on: August 26, 2022

Presenting the Best to the Rest is our focus area. We work between Print and Film. We Collaborate with everyone who are broadminded.

We are a Media Organization. We are a unique media organization. We spread our wings everywhere between Print and Film. We do the same everywhere. Presenting the best to the rest is our focus area. Our best is yet to come. All that we have done in the past were unique and the best at that point of time.

Our dreams are set on making REAL BOOKS AND REAL FILMS. Let people see true stories and get inspired. What we gain by presenting artificial heroes? There are plenty of true heroes around us let us pick each one of them and present them to the rest of the world.

Book Publishing Series:

Book publishing series is taken as a prime area of focus of Global TV. Tell your story to inspire the youngsters is the punchline. We are providing professional services in three areas of Book publishing.

Cost Bifurcation:

  • Content Preparation (60%)
  • Typesetting and Design (10%)
  • Printing and Distribution (30%)

Additional cost of 20,000/- for Cover Design from Mindcraft Studio headed by Renowned Artist and Art Curator Mr. Nemiraj Shetty.

Why should you tell your story to others?

Many people shy away from telling their success stories mainly because of three reasons.

  1. They do not give due importance to themselves. Ignoring self is a crime actually.
  2. Most of them do not have time to write their story amidst their busy schedule.
  3. Book writing require Professional support of an entire editorial and logistics team.

Doing all by ourselves is not the way. We should take support of professionals who are trust worthy and reliable. Content safety is very important. Plagiarism is a big threat to the publishing Industry and Media as such. Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. There were accusations of plagiarism at every levels.

Reading is Reduced is a wrong observation

People simply say reading has lost its relevance and importance. In fact, reading has increased tremendously and it has become all the more important in today’s proliferation of Social media. Readers are reduced is a wrong notion. Actually, writers are increased in the new scenario. Many are writing at a young age today.

Content writing and Communication are two core areas for Career Development today:

People who are good in content preparation and Communication excellence will evolve into premium professional in the emerging era. There are plenty of such avenues to be created and recreated. Value added marketing is important in book publishing. It is important in every other areas as well.

There is a possibility for professionalism in every areas. Those who are interested in higher levels of performance may contact us collectively and personally through whatsApp Or whatever convenient communication methods. We are open and available for continuous improvement and improved performance.

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