Newly Emerging Economic Realities and the Media Role

Posted on: February 18, 2022

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When I was in the college, it was all about Land – Labor – Capital – Organization. Today the scenario is transformed into People Space Time. Everything is fast changing and competition has given away it’s competition with innovation. One has to get into an ongoing stream of innovation to remain relevant in any stream today. Everything is changing and everything is becoming more difficult to handle.

Cash rich organization become cash crunch organization when there is a slight change in the economic environment. Every decision of the government is entirely challenging the dynamics of institutions. Even religious and social organizations are under threat with the changing times. Those who are competent only can withstand with the pressure getting mounted in the society. One who is in compromising position eventually get lost in the drive.

People who are facing challenges will survive and surpass tough times. Investment is the biggest risk in today’s economic scenario. Once investment is done, it becomes static and stationary. A building constructed at a wrong place thus become a lost investment. Working capital becomes more important than fixed capital. Cash rich organizations get more bargain power. Your bargain power may give you some kind of advantages. But your bargain nature will definitely put you in the watch list of the suffering entities. How will they overcome the challenges posed by you is a big question.

Jute industry was very powerful at one time. Jute lobby was commanding control in the packaging industry. There were undue pressure from the jute barrons. Jute politics had created enormous pressure in the survival of establishments. Workers were Megerly paid. All these put together given way for innovations and new packaging methods emerged being a consequence. Today jute industry is surviving at the bottom level on account of plastic ban and the menace of plastics in environmental safety. More than the scientific reasons, the behaviour patterns judge the future course of anyone or anything, it may be industry or individual.

One cannot claim safe by showing a strong balance sheet. Anil Ambani couldn’t survive the changing times when they got into wrong product mix and policy scenarios. Even with government support, one cannot assure succession of success.

Future course of action

Organizations has to become dynamic and welcoming to survive in today’s time. Far more powerful ideas will come to sweep you away from the scene. You need to take new avatars to sustain and survive.

People and time are the dynamic components and Space can be dynamic or static. Most flexible and totally informal will grow faster in the scenario at present. There is no dearth of capital at any time when you have bright ideas in store. More than Job Unemployment, we have Land unemployment and Capital unemployment.

Structured thinking is more powerful than a structure of building. Bank on ideas than you bank on banks. We do not know when banks undergo the trauma of jute industry. Increased dozes of economic medicines (measures) shows the health of money and banks as deteriorating in health and healthier practices.

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