regardless of the caste or race we are all equal and demand the same peace. Even if a reader connects with just one of them, that’s all that matters.” Prachi said.

Posted on: March 18, 2023

Indian Author Prachi Gupta Releasing a Poetic Anthology to unite the world and motivate the youth

With her latest book Tranquillity: A poetic anthology sharing 66 poets from 50 countries, Prachi has yet again created a mass moment to unite the world through poetry. This first-of-its-kind book to promote peace is launching on the world poetry day, 21st of March 2023. The book is edited by a famous Journalist of Pakistan Ali Zohaib and is subjected to be physically lauched in Pakistan as well. The pre-orders have already been started at amazon, kobo, and other booksellers.

The shortlisting of the participants for the book was started last year, and each poem has a very deep peace message attached to it. The poems talk about peace and cooperation. And why is it important in this world. It motivates all the countries and the youth to look for peace within and then create overall peace outside to build a new beautiful world. It’s not only a book but an inspiration for everyone.

Each of the 66 poems differ from the other, and have a unique flavour of its country. It shows that regardless of the caste or race we are all equal and demand the same peace. Even if a reader connects with just one of them, that’s all that matters.” Prachi said. “If it inspires someone to take action towards peace and helping people and as a result change happens, then, mission accomplished.” This book is joining the world together and teaching the true meaning of humanity.

It is not an ordinary book, as we perceive it. Prachi has included the best poets of 50 countries whose verses touch the heart deeply thus, creating a world wide moment to change people’s thinking for the better. This book is a mini world in itself, joining boundaries and nations.

The book includes people from India, Serbia, Italy, Egypt, North America, Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Spain, Greece, Peru, Portugal, Nepal, Germany, Philippines, Ghana, Pakistan and many more. This book shows different cultures, religions, and scenarios. And yet its still same as everyone just needs peace. It tells that irrespective of the country, caste, or creed every person is a human. We all share the same heart that bleeds when sad and blooms when happy.

Through this book Prachi Gupta has tried to create a motivation to influence the youth all over the world. She says that the world is a mess today with selfishness prevailing over the society. We all need to be aware and work together not against to save our world. With violence we are not gaining anything but losing and the world needs to realise it.

She further says that it was the Russia Ukraine war and covid that made her realise that the world instead of rising up is going more in the darker zone. That instead of getting better its getting lost. She feels that only we people of this world together can bring a change and so we should actively start doing our part to save the world.

Prachi Gupta, a Bestselling Author of seven novels from India is an Author, Entrepreneur, and a Social Activist. She’s a versatile writer and her every book is different from the earlier one. She brings out different theme’s each year and although she had written romance earlier her every book has inspiration attached to it. Tranquillity is her 2nd non fiction after the 30 shining stars of the world book which gained immense popularity last year. Bringing another masterpiece this year, through poetry combined in a single book; Prachi has tried to create a worldwide motivation to influence the youth. Different nations, different ideas, and different dreams; weaved together in a unique book titled Tranquillity.

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