Process to Flourish

Posted on: August 8, 2020

Helping the farmers to get their due rewards is the only way for the economic rejuvenation of our nation.

We are a nation that is yet to recognize the role of farmers being the foundation of the economic sustenance of the nation. We take it easy when it is about the well being of the farmers. Every aspect of imbalance is in adverse effect on to the life of farmers, yet farmers smile without any fail. Attitude of farmers are similar to that of honeybees. Even after many stealing incidents also the honeybees continue to make honey. Who can steal my capability to produce it again and to have it first for myself is the attitude of true honeybees. Let us respect the farmers and the farmlands as much as we love our homeland.

Process to Flourish need to be thought of on this fundamental foundation of ethical thinking. Those who are able to think alike can come together and take up small initiatives to help the farmers to fetch decent price for their products. Mentors and Youngsters along with supportive institutions can take up farm products processing projects in small scale and large scale are it occurs at your locations. We shall provide Coordination support and product promotion services as and when required.

Those who are interested can initiate informal groups initially and shall make them into formal operational units eventually. The ingredients of this farm front coordination is availability of fresh farm products, temporary processing facilities and a circle of communication for product consumption. Farmer, Students, Institutions and Catering Services are the components at first level. Next levels evolve automatically.

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