Positive Media is in your hands

Posted on: July 2, 2021

Dear Sir,



The best thing that we can do today for transforming society into a welfare state is to join hands with likeminded people to mentor youngsters with meaningful vision and tangible actions. Global TV propose you to join Responsible Media Group that are with set guidelines and action models of positive journalism.

We propose micro contribution models and limited liability options to the visionary mentors and accomplished leaders. We shall also form Responsible Media groups of seven editors, each one contributing a small sum towards the operational expenses of the episodes. One to one and group episodes shall be done on a day-to-day basis when we share it between editors.

We can derive at several models like each editor contributing ₹20,000/- initially and ₹3,000/- per month thereafter. Eventually we shall accept ethical advertisements and expand the operations manifold. Visionaries coming to media platforms will sure transform the media positively.

Kindly explore Global TV. Call me personally at +91 98441 82044

Warm Regards

N. V. Paulose

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