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Posted on: March 4, 2023

Certain things we understand faster. Certain things we fail to understand even after several rounds of appraisals also. Common sense is very uncommon with human beings, particularly individuals. It doesn’t work when we work with prejudice. One such prejudice is about money. Some people think about nothing can happen without infusing money into the process. This is how we make certain things uncertain. Money comes with tags and ties.

Right Time Implementation (RTI) is a thought process about crazy ideas. Can we do something massive without much of additional capital infusion?

We shall keep telling about thoughts as it flower into the garden of our mind. Let us start with the possibilities in Tourism Sector. Can we identify the districts in India that are highly potential for Tourism Explosion?

Name a district to start with. List all inventory available in tourism promotion portfolio and list them into an imaginary STOCK EXCHANGE.

Check how many rooms are available in total. How can we add more into it by expansion of itineraries to spread across various streams.

What is the elasticity possible. How to correlate with quality standards and cost effectiveness? Can we think about a massive event like Dubai Festival in the district? How about it’s implementation? This is one way of thinking. This can be called as SYNTHETIC THINKING.

We can also get into Organic Thinking by listing out entire inventory in the district and pricing them according to their standards. Later we can make combinations in plenty so that the travellers can mix them to match with their budget.

Imagine we take tourism in a district to collaborate and Co-create with the Media!

Make every reporter to identify and name ten people who can be facilitators for a tourism promotion drive. Let each such circle of ten people become a nucleus of a tourism campaign. Tell them to prepare itineraries and packages on a quality cost comparison. Let the reporter promote them through the campaign that is globally launched for this purpose. Let the tourism packages be Taylor made to connect with international tourism destinations near to your district. It will be so wonderful when you can make it to connect with Or between TWO INTERNATIONAL TOURISM DESTINATIONS. Can we create revenue model for ten thousand people in a district being TOURISM SERVICE PROVIDERS through one such collective exercise?

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