Teacher student conversation! Guidance for US Aspirants!!

Posted on: May 2, 2019

Prepare well before so that you make your dream destination easier to achieve

Dr. PP Devan and Dr. Indu Varier guide you through the wonderful road map to American Highways!

By Gayathri Vishwanath

Are you an American aspirant? Wanted to make your medical profession successful in the US. Listen carefully to the wonderful conversations that Dr. PP Devan had with Dr. Indu Varier at NK Studio Mangalore.

A strong Foundation in Medical Graduation!

Great learning experience in Indian Medical Colleges. Basic Medical Education at AJ Medical College had given me great foundation; says Dr. Indu Varier. Clinical experience, Classical findings, Diversity of patients, Bedside teaching, Stress and importance given in understanding the disease; all these had helped me to go forwrd in life.

I wish I would have planned it earlier!

Dr. Indu Varier



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