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THINK Inside!

Posted on: July 30, 2019

That’s the way for exponential growth!!

By Ramcharan Mishra

Think inside is the theory of a journey. It is a two way journey. It is like the growth of a tree. Deep rooted and well branched at the very same time. You being a person and the universe being your platform. The more you go into roots the more you can branch out. More people can come under your shadow and get themselves parked there comfortably. The more the people the more your happiness. More people come when your branches bear fruits of highest value. More people can come at places where there are not many trees around because every one need to be comforted and consoled. More people can also come when there are many trees around as well. How come? You become part of a tree park by then. More trees means more shelter. More people means more happiness. Hence choose the situation that you wish to choose.

Would you like to be part of a wonderful park? Or you wish to be a standalone mystery? Whichever be the case; you need to grow considerably well. You can start your journey here and now. You have already grown up to a certain level. Let us grow from there. Grow considerably well. That’s the whole idea of Think Inside. Let us start again: here and now! Every time you are at here and now. That’s your present state. You are carefully creating your future. This book can guide you the way you guide yourself. Do it the best way you can.

First step! Practice again and again!!
Make an assessment. Where do you stand now? Measure it properly on a scale of comparison. How many marks out of ten? Avoid thinking too much at this level. Just give a mark. You can give you marks for each and every aspect that you wish to improve. Ten is a symbol. You can give mark out hundred or thousand. You can chose a measurement unit totally different. The idea is to give clarity for your own deeper mind. Compare every time what you wanted to improve. Make clarity within. Giving clarity within is important. It becomes easier as you travel in your flight of success.

Way to go into your mind!
Take help of someone at the initial days. Finding a partner in progress is a wonderful way. Or else take help of someone around. You can do it alone once you are familiar with the techniques and methods. Focus your senses. Seeing, hearing and feeling are important. Smelling and tasting are also important. Importance of senses vary from person to person. You can put all five of them in your order of importance. It evolves on its own.

Easiest way!
Keep your palm experiencing the temperature on a plane. It can be a table, handle of your chair or your own lap. Your feeling starts to focus. Repeat the practice and you become an expert. Hear a sound that you can distinguish from the sounds around at any given time. Focus on to that particular sound. It becomes more clear and closer. Keep your ears focused on to the sound. Your hearing is also now focused along with your feeling.

You are in the progress process now.
See something very nice. It can be from your memories or from your imagination. Memories are the past and imagination is the future. Happy memories and hopeful imagination make a successful in life. See what you see right now. See them very much and very well. You can close your eyes and remain seeing what you are so very happy to see. See every positive dimensions of what you are seeing. See them closer and bigger. Your feeling, hearing and seeing are focused. You are into your deeper mind now. Your awareness expands as you are deeper in the process. Practice these steps repeatedly. Become familiar with the entire process.

Test and make sure you are doing it right!
You body become stiff and strong as you go deeper and deeper. Someone can test it in a gentle way. Let someone use two of their fingers and try to lift your hand. Let them try it on to the right hand or left hand or both as they desire. Hands are now stuck to the surface where it is touching. And the person in the exercise is either experiencing a memory or imagining a future. People who are in the testing process should avoid disturbing the person who is at focus. The idea of test is for both you to know how deep you are in focus with your feeling, hearing and seeing. The more you practice the more you are perfect. Practice makes you perfect. You can do the journey once you complete a considerable amount of practice. Along with feeling, hearing and seeing; you can also start to smell and taste within. Human mind become multidimensional when the practice become a practice for you.

Happy memories and Hopeful imaginations!
Focus on happy memories and hopeful imaginations. Take help of a therapist to remove negative memories and fear about the future. Negatives disappear faster with therapeutic techniques. Natural cure is also possible as you go deeper into the process. Any phobias need to be addressed properly. Help of a therapist is the best way to make it easier and better. You are now in process that makes your future brighter and better. The more you read this chapter the more familiar you become with the process. Read and practice repeatedly. You are in the highway of faster growth.

Mind is awareness. Sensory organs are the medium of awareness. All five senses work according to your orientation. Senses are outside and inside as well. Think inside is possible when both are focused at one point. At the deeper level of practice you are at a single point with all senses. Outer senses are either closed or focused. Inner senses open up and expand to the entire horizon and the universe. Allow things to happen and let it happen the way you wish. There is no beginning or ending to the process of awareness. It expands and keep expanding.

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