Posted on: November 12, 2020

Pledge 20 hours and Form your bank!

You are doing a great service to Yourself and to the humanity at large. Few are blessed to become the Nucleus of Transformation! The four layers in the team begin with the first layer of 7 Editors. Around an Editor, there is 7 Youth Editors. Around Youth Editors comes Young Editors and around them comes Village Ambassadors.

Magic Number 7

Seven is a Magic number. The seven Editors whom you choose should be real visionaries. All others like Youth Editors and Young Editors are dynamic youngsters. Village Ambassadors at the grassroots are the people who are at real work. Identifying them and recognizing them is the task of all others. 20 Hours that each one of you pledge for Social Transformation is distributed over a period of time according to your convenience.

It is not how much time that we work matters. What matters is about how effectively we spend our time. Our intention should be pure and genuine! Identifying a visionaries and inviting them into the Mission can be done by all of you!

Creativity Vs Corruption:

Creative cannot be Corrupt and Corrupt cannot be creative. We need to bridge the gap. Ultimate analysis that everyone would like to be creative and the circumstances need to be developed for a society that promote creativity and coexistence. Let us work together do miracles.

Who take initiative is the matter. It can be anyone in the layer. You may directly call and talk to me and i am ever grateful to you!

NV Paulose, Chairman, Global TV – +91 98441 82044

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