The Umbrella Syndrome | Turn it into TULSI | Truth – Unity – Lucrative – Surpassing – Infinite (TULSI) | Can i become a part of the Infinite Cosmic Intelligence of the Universe? | Global TV

Posted on: March 12, 2023

How long we live? As long we leave! How much can we hold? How long? Are we stuck with The Umbrella Syndrome?

Jerome Shinde

Human race is driven by The umbrella syndrome. We want everyone to come under our umbrella. Our umbrella on top of everyone is not a good idea. The true idea is about Collectively hosting a common Umbrella that belongs everyone who are connected under that great umbrella.

Having an ownership in the umbrella will make us to be proud to work with all of them who are under the same umbrella.

I may need to close my umbrella if I am forced to come under another umbrella. When the umbrella is common, it becomes like my umbrella also has become part of the bigger one newly formed newly formed umbrella. Can we create Unique Umbrellas that belongs to everyone?

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