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Winning Kerala Through West Bengal | Dr. CV Ananda Bose | Governor of West Bengal|Strategic Move to Win the Heart of Kerala |Global TV

Posted on: November 24, 2022

When Dr CV Ananda Bose says something, he mean it as well. What did he say when he assumed the responsibility of the Governor of West Bengal?

NV Paulose

Dr. CV Ananda Bose on Wednesday (23 November 2022) took oath as the new governor of West Bengal. He was administered the oath of office by Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court Prakash Shrivastava in the presence of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, other state ministers and Speaker Biman Banerjee at a programme in the Raj Bhavan.

The high dreamer is setting greater hopes for young dreamers. He had started his work life as a probationary officer at the State Bank of India in Kolkata. It is sure that he climb the ladder further higher with his relentless and sincere service to the nation.

His first response to the appointment itself is evident to his detachment towards powers and position. This is an opportunity to serve is his comment and approach towards positions and portfolios. Dr. Bose is a Chanakya in politics and in social service. Society building is in his blood. All are equals in front of him. All are friends and some are all the more relatives.

It is relatively easy to get im touch with Dr. CV Ananda Bose. To win him require real kind of content and attitude. He is a workaholic. His demands are comparatively very less. His mind can process thousands of things at a time, just like chefs organise to prepare thousands of food specialities for a diverse audience.

Input output working method of Dr. Bose is amazing. He will start his conversation with you next time wherever you had finished your previous conversation. That’s possible when the system is totally organised within.

How is that you win Kerala through West Bengal?

Bengal and Kerala are well connected since long. It has become all the more powerful in these days. Even when comedians undermine the presence of the people from West Bengal in Kerala, their influence in Kerala is like the influence of people from Kerala in UAE. You will see them in every range of work. No one but will undermine their importance.

People are dignified when they behave well. We can do anything legitimate for a living. Out dignity and integrity are our own wealth. When we honor our dignity, we are responding to our integrity. One is doing self cheating by attempting to fool around others. The philosophy of SELF RESPECT is evidently seen in every bit of Dr. Bose approach to action.

Dr. Bose will surely win the heart of West Bengal. Through him the states of Kerala and West Bengal will get more connected. There will be direct impact on tourism at first. Many new things will emerge in faster mode. Let us get into the flight instead of sitting and watching the game sitting in the gallery.

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